Ready to embrace new experiences?

The Long Term Exchange Program (LTEP) lasts one year (August through July), during which you attend school and live with families in your host country. To gain a greater understanding of the culture, you stay with at least two, preferably three, host families. 


You'll be your country's ambassador. Most Rotary Clubs organize Rotary students go to events like weekend trips. These trips can be the best part of your experience. You will forge new friendships that will last a lifetime.   

Rotary Exchanges are safe and secure. Rotarians have been running this program for nearly 100 years with full support from the federal government. Rotary exchanges are, by far, the least expensive exchange program available because the student is funded by the Rotary as it is a key piece of the Rotary's community service commitment.

The Rotary program is an exchange program in the full sense of the word. Students, families, schools and Rotary Clubs benefit from the culture, language and personality of the student.  Recent destinations include Thailand, Taiwan, France (most European countries), Sweden, Finland, Denmark. We are open to South American countries as well, but this is tricky as they are on a different school year schedule. 

That said, hosting a student - even while your own child is away and there are no kids at home - is an incredibly wonderful and rewarding experience. You can introduce your city and your life to someone who is eager to be a part of your family.

Useful Links 

Carla (France) and Gabriel (Chile) get ready for their first American homecoming dance!

Want to talk to a student?

Shea O'Leary (Seattle, WA)                            Lyon, France 2016-2017 

First language: English Second language: French


Gabriel Gongora (Santiago, Chile)                 Seattle, WA 2016-2017

First language: Chilean Spanish Second language: English