Ready for the summer of your life?


The Short Term Exchange Program (STEP) is a short term summer exchange between families, facilitated by Rotary Clubs at each end of the exchange.    The student lives with an international student’s family for four weeks then both students return to the US where the international student lives with the student’s family for a similar time. (In some cases, the international student travels first. (It's a flexible program that we can help customize so that it works for our participating families.) Each student spend four weeks in the others' country.

We are seeking students and parents/families as a team who are enthusiastic about committing their summer to an international exchange experience!   This popular program provides an immersive, home-stay based exchange without the academic component -- it's an amazing international, cultural exchange in a compact period of time. 


The summer exchanges we organize are primarily European.  Their school calendar matches up with ours better than most other areas in the world and we have excellent Rotary partners in Italy, France, Holland, Italy, Germany, Spain, and other countries that we can depend on to help us find great students and families to participate in this unique "international summer".

Stu Vander Hoek leads our Short Term Exchange Program (STEP). Contact him at  to help find a Rotary Club near you who can act as your sponsoring club into this program.  

Interested? Check out our student stories page to learn more.  Watch this website for more stories of students and their summer experience. Here's the Preliminary Registration form. It gives you an idea of what we're looking for. 

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